Buy Bulk sms @ 50 kobo per sms.

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Minimum bulk sms of N5,000 for 95 Kobo, while minimum of N50,000 for 90 kobo, 08066917793, 08181970549 , 07098741782,


N3million and above   50 kobo
N50,000 - N2,999,999   90 kobo
5000 - 49,999   N1.20 kobo
N1,500 - N4,999   N1.50
N3million and above   50 kobo
N50,000 - N2,999,999   80 kobo
5000 - 49,999   95 kobo
N1,500 - N4,999   N1.50
Reseller package -1yr   N15000


Reseller package No Minimum Our wait and take reseller package is given to you after a confirmation of your payment of N15,000 annually, verify the domain name you want to use and send it to us after payment. See Price Chart. Live Chat
Offline VIP service N3.00 per sms minimum of N6000 On this platform of offline VIP service we send sms for you if you have sms to send regularly but you are too busy to do it by yourself. If you subscribe for this service you are to send the telephone numbers of the sms to and whenever you want to send sms you forward the message to 08066917793 it will be sent to all the numbers involved until your credit is finished. Live Chat
End Users No minimum End users buy at any amount but the 90 kobo per unit as advertised is a minimum of N50,000 while the 95 kobo per unit is a minimum of N5000, if you pay less than N5000 the price per unit gets higher than N1.50 so there is no minimum amount. Live Chat
Sms advert in a specific area N2.00 per sms minimum of N10,000 You can use this medium to advertise your product in any city of your choice. When you place an order on this service, you make payment for the number sms you want to send, text the location, the page message to 08066917793 and it will be sent for you. You dont need to supply us numbers but if you have special numbers you may add them to the ones we are to send. report of sms delivery will be sent to you via email. Live Chat
Sales of phone numbers Negotiable
Buy Thousands of GSM Numbers to advertise your products in any area of your state. You can use this bulk sms advert for political campaign during your state or local government election, House of representative, Senatorial election, Presidential election etc. We covered the entire GSM database with millions of Telephone numbers categorised under Gender, Local government, state, etc, you can use it to advertise your product or business in your locality as you can reach your targeted audience at ease even the closest potential buyers, you can use it to broadcast news of any kind in your own locality or nationwide as much as you can afford, your message will get to thousands of telephone numbers at once. For enquiry call 08066917793.
N1.00---N9,999 N50 kobo per GSM number
N10,000-----N19,999 N35 kobo per GSM number
N20,000---N49,999 N25 kobo per GSM number
N50,000---N99,999 N20 kobo per GSM number
N100,000 N10 kobo per GSM number

See more details of the price functions.

Amount Cost Per GSM Number Total Number of GSM
N5000 50 kobo per number 10,000 GSM Numbers
N10,000 35 kobo per number 30,000 GSM Numbers
N20,000 25 kobo per number 80,000 GSM Numbers
N50,000 20 kobo per number 200,000 GSM Numbers
N100,000 10 kobo per number 1,000,000 GSM Numbers
N200,000 5 kobo per number 4,000,000 GSM Numbers


.If you are interested in this service please call: 08066917793 to place your order NOW! or send details of your order to our Live Chat .

SMS Domain Name N5000 We give you a domain when you do not have a domain name for your reseller sms website but this is renewable at the end of the year. Live Chat
Number formatting Free Our platform uses 234 but so many clients already have their number format in 080 so if the numbers are too much you can send it to us and it will be formatted in 234 back to you in a few minutes.






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Now N1.2kobo

per unit from N5000


All units are deducted as follows;

MTN-------2 units/sms

Other Nig networks----2.1 units/sms


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N3million and above   50 kobo
N50,000 - N2,999,999   90 kobo
5000 - 49,999   N1.20kobo
N1,500 - N4,999   N1.50
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Contact us:, 08066917793, 08181970549 , 07098741782,


Send bulk sms to any part of the world with the fastest sms delivery platform. We also advertise your product with bulk sms

in any specific area of your choice.

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