Buy Bulk sms in Nigeria @ N1.20kobo per sms unit.

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Dear esteemed customer, we just changed our server from old to new and more reliable one for effective sms service provision. You need to register afresh before you can login to the new server for the first time, after your registration, your old sms credit balance will be tranferred to your new account with free 1000 unit per N5000 and 10% of your new puchase before the transfer of your credit takes place. So, kindly make payment after the registration before your credit is transfered in order to enjoy the TRANSFER PROMO.


Our bulk sms service is used to send thousands of text messages to thousands of telephone number at once within a minute, since everyone has his or her phone at hand, they will get the message instantly when you use this service. Are you a businessman and you always want to pass a message across to all your customers? Are you a pastor and you always want to reach your members with an urgent information within a minute through text messages or you want to invite people to your crusade including the people you do not have their telephone numbers. As a business person you can use our bulk sms platform to advertise your business by sending instant sms to a targeted audience in your locality. As a member of any organization you can use our bulk sms to pass information for regular or emergency meeting to all members of that association. Those that have events like burial, or wedding ceremonies, you can use our bulk sms to invite people to your event and that will reduce the cost of printing invitation cards. Our service is fast and cost effective, everyone uses phone and the quickest way to pass information across to them is by using our bulk sms service. You are welcome to

View sms prices of the following countries to place your order, you can also plce order on the countries not listed as we reach over 160 countries in the world.

Now N1.20 kobo

per unit from N5000



Dear customer, kindly click on the notepad image on this page to format your phone numbers with 234 if your numbers are already in 080 format and you find it difficult to add 234, copy your numbers and paste them on format numbers page, use 234 to replace the first 1 digit and click format.


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Now N1.20 kobo

per unit from N5000



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Buy Thousands of GSM Numbers to advertise your products in any area of your state. You can use this bulk sms advert for political campaign during your state or local government election, House of representative, Senatorial election, Presidential election etc. We covered the entire GSM database with millions of Telephone numbers categorised under Gender, Local government, state, etc, you can use it to advertise your product or business in your locality as you can reach your targeted audience at ease even the closest potential buyers, you can use it to broadcast news of any kind in your own locality or nationwide as much as you can afford, your message will get to thousands of telephone numbers at once. For enquiry call 08066917793.